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In early 2006, architect Jeff Weinstein offered to sell his old 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on Montana Road in Ojai for just $1 (see July 28, 2006 Ojai Valley News and August 16, 2006 Ventura County Star), calling every church, non-profit, and charitable organization he could find in Ventura County. Unsuccessful, he ultimately demolished the house to make way for construction of a modern California ranch-style home completed in July 2008. In the summer of 2010, Jeff, his wife Wendy, and 2 young boys moved to Ojai full-time, where Jeff began to focus on other opportunities to employ his creative energies. With the support of celebrated Ojai artist Bert Collins, Jeff became interested in the works of local artists, and commissioned a 12 ft. long X 7 ft. high mural of the Ojai Valley in the family's kitchen by Ojai artist, Ruben Franco (see September 2011 Ventana magazine, "The Art of the Kitchen: Cooking in Ojai").

At about this time, Jeff became increasingly aware of the many very talented local artists with limited opportunities to show their work on a full-time basis. Having designed a light-filled contemporary home with high ceilings suitable for community gatherings and entertaining, the family began hosting such events with MOBAA (Meiners Oaks Business and Artists Association) and the Ojai Temple, K'hilat Ha' Aloneem. When the home was selected as one of the unique venues for the Ojai Music Festival's 15th Annual Holiday Home Look In (see Fall 2011 Ojai Valley Visitor's Guide), guests were given a unique opportunity to view paintings of the region's finest oil, pastel, watercolor and plein air artists in a modern architectural setting amidst the splendor of Ojai.

This event, held November 19-20, 2011, featured Coastal Central California and Ojai Valley landscapes by award winning artists, including Emily Goldfield, Lynn Byrne Simon, Ruben Franco, and Norman Kirk. Future openings, also with artists in attendance, will show the work of Ojai, Ventura and Santa Barbara artists, including photography, ceramics, nudes, and abstract paintings, and will continue the tradition of local landscape and plein air artists in various mediums. Our mission is to create a welcoming and memorable environment to experience fine art by highly talented local artists, and to make the work affordable so you can enjoy it in your own personal space. The gallery is open seven days each week (except holidays) on Monday - Friday, 10am to 6pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 12 noon to 6pm; please call before your visit.

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